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From an email by Steven Nash

Hello! Hello! Hello! Is there anybody out there? Just reply if you can read this Is there anyone home?

Come on now, You can see I am feeling down, You can ease the pain and reply to me again, Relax, I just need some work to do, Just give me some if you have it, I will forever be grateful to you.

There is an email thats not replying, I can see no reply from the horizon, People are just replying in short waves, There fingures move, but I can read what they are saying

When I was a child I had a future, My hands did more than just masterbate, Now I am feeling bored again, I cant explain you will not understand, This is now how I am!!

I....yiyi....have become horrendously bored!!! I....yiyi....have become discomfortably bored!!!!

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