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Firstly, let me credit Kerri Thomas for bringing this concept into focus.

The Hucknall Scale is a method of measuring the creepiness of men on a scale of 1 to Hucknall. For example, the Hof could be 5.5 Hucknalls and the Chuckle Brothers could be 8 Hucknalls. Peter Stringfellow would perhaps be 7 Hucknalls. It is a highly subjective measurement and these examples in no way necessarily reflect the opinions of either Kerri or myself.

Our aim is to create a web page or site where pictures of men can be posted with a sliding scale underneath called the "iCreep". Every time someone uses the iCreep to register their opinion, the iCreep will calculate an average figure. These men may be celebrities, politicians or any members of the public. You may even put yourself forward if you find yourself sidling up to women on a too frequent basis!

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